An insight into a meeting of Business Network South Humberside

An insight into a meeting of Business Network South Humberside

Do you want to know what happens at our meetings. Have a read here!

Attending a networking event for the first time can be daunting, but we’re a friendly lot here at the Business Network South Humberside, and this is a handy guide so you know what to expect when you come, plus a few helpful tips to ensure it runs smoothly. Also read on to learn about the successful referral system which could boost your business.

Before you arrive

Make sure you pick up a pile of business cards, happily there’s going to be plenty of opportunities to hand them out during the meeting.

The location

The Business Network South Humberside holds it monthly lunch-time meetings at locations in Scunthorpe and Grimsby, with venues including San Pietro, Abby’s Wine Bar & Bistro, The Ashbourne Hotel, and Scunthorpe Football Club.


When you arrive you will be greeted by Karen Locking, the friendly and helpful host of Business Network South Humberside. She will hand you a name tag and some useful paperwork, and you can also find out which table you will be sitting at for lunch and who you will be with.

The Seminar

Every month Business Network South Humberside holds a seminar. This is a good opportunity for Business Network members to showcase their work by sharing their expertise, to update on any new developments in their industry, and share tips and advice which could help you in your business. From time-to-time guests are also invited to give a presentation. Seminars start at 10.30am but the event opens at 10am, giving you the chance to relax with a tea or coffee while you catch up with others members and guests attending the seminar.

Open Networking

The main networking event starts at 11.45am, and open networking is held until everyone takes their seats for lunch at 12.30pm - so grab a drink and have your business cards ready. Everyone is friendly and approachable and will want to know more about you and this is a chance to exchange business details.


Now it’s the time we’ve all been waiting for. Each table is allocated a host who will take charge of proceedings. Business cards are handed around, and then everyone is given around three minutes to sell themselves and their business. Food will be served while networking around the table takes place, so remember to eat while someone else is talking. A pen and paper is provided so you can take notes while each person speaks.

Remember this is your chance to sell yourself – describe your business and what you can offer, talk about your successes, update on your industry, and importantly explain what sort of referrals you are looking for.

One of the key successes of networking is the referral system when you can connect a client with a Business Network member, and your business, product, or service can be recommended to the contacts of other members. This has proven to be a successful practice for the Business Network South Humberside.

After lunch there’s a chance to have a look at the table plan and take a few minutes to introduce yourself to someone you haven’t had a chance to chat with earlier.

Karen then rounds up the event, and get another business card ready because there’s a prize draw for a stunning plant or bouquet, courtesy of Sims Flowers in Scunthorpe.

And at 2pm it’s the end of the meeting. Please read our blogs on what to after the meeting, and the membership benefits offered by The Business Network.

Blog written by Member Joanna Woodhouse 

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