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  • 10.00 am - Registration for optional free seminar
  • 10.30 am - Seminar starts
  • 11.45 am - Registration for lunch
  • 12.20 pm - Sit down for lunch
  • 2.00 pm - Close
  • November: Wednesday 4th, Online via Microsoft Teams - 12:30 until 14:00

    Time - Part of the main meeting 12:30 until 13:30. 20 minute seminar

    Presenter - Chris Graham - Be the Best Business Solutions

    Topic - In Crisis and Calm: Resilience and Leadership Observations for Small Busine

    In Crisis and Calm: Resilience and Leadership Observations for Small Business Owners. A Military Officers Perspective.

    Chris will give an overview of his time spent as the Senior Military Liaison Officer with the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust during the national response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    Focusing on Leadership and Resilience during a crisis, He will highlight some of his key observations during this time and how this compares to his experience leading soldiers over the past 24 years in various places around the world. He will conclude with a discussion on how these lessons may be implemented by small business owners to improve their own resilience during times of crisis.

  • December: Wednesday 2nd, TBC

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Come and join us at


Wednesday 4th November

Online via Microsoft Teams - 12:30 until 14:00

What members and guests say

""If you've been going to networking events as long as I have you will have done them all. Ones where it's just you and a woman who does aromatherapy for cats and that one where half an hour in you start to wonder if you've accidentally joined some sort of cult. You know the one where people are deliberately breaking their own toilets just so they have got a referral to give to the plumber. Anyway 10 years ago we went to our first Business Network and we haven't bothered with anything else since. Above all its enjoyable and you meet great people. Out of that business relationships and even friendships grow. The culture is very much ?how can I help? rather than ?what's in it for me ?. So all the right ingredients are in place for you to grow your network of contacts and grow your business. And it works""

Ted Flanagan
Gosschalks Solicitors

"Every time I come to one of your events I have a fun and very fruitful time. Thank you again for creating a fantastic environment for us all to build relationships. "

Will Kintish