The Benefits of Membership

Your Network Host - A valuable and committed support as they will work tirelessly on your behalf, getting you in front of the people you want to meet.

Free Educational Seminars - There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within The Membership that is freely available to you. Try and ensure that you attend the Free Pre-lunch Seminars offered by Members on a wide variety of topics; and if you wish to increase the profile of your company further why not offer to present a seminar yourself. We undertake to do the promoting of the seminar for you.

Free Stand At The Events - Take a Free Stand at the monthly events a give members and visitors an even greater insight into what your company can provide.

Monthly Meetings With Senior Decision Makers - We restrict attendees at events to a senior level, people who can influence the 'buying and selling' within their organisation.

Introductions To New Business Contact - There are always new companies in attendance at the monthly events.

Member Offers - Offers from Members for Members

Free Access To The National List Of Members - via a personalised login.

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Member Case Studies!!

We can tell you how fabulous we are until we're blue in the face but it's much more effective for our members to tell you. Working with member Joanna Woodhouse we will be bringing you case studies showing how the group is working for our members. 

October 2016 - Delaney Marling Partnership and Ettridge Architecture have been members with us for many years and have worked together on a variety of projects. Have a look at what they have to say about us here

Delaney Marling Partnership and Ettridge Architecture  Case_Study___DMP_and_EA.doc

Business Network

Business Network

Business Network

Come and join us at


Wednesday 7th November

San Pietro, Scunthorpe - Main Event 12:00 - 2:00

What members and guests say

"Every time I come to one of your events I have a fun and very fruitful time. Thank you again for creating a fantastic environment for us all to build relationships. "

Will Kintish

"The Business Network is definitely a networking event that will supply you with a wealth of contacts. That is to say they may not be directly related to your business however this group practises looking after each other. Not only have I made brilliant connections but have met people that I can call friends, not a normal by-product of networking events. No one bombards with e-mails which really is one of the most annoying traits!"

Dawne Fairhurst
Maker Mark Promotions Limited