Our next South Humberside event

Wednesday 4th December

San Pietro, Scunthorpe - Main Event 11:45 - 2:00- North Lincolnshire


Time - 10am Registration, 10:30 prompt start

Presenter - Chris Graham - Be the Best Business Solutions

Topic - Using Psychology to get more of what you want..

Ever wondered why a ?lucky few? seem to have the power to convince people to do almost anything? Their charisma and eloquence are both highly impressive and somewhat frustrating; as they expertly work a room, sell anything to anyone and build a large and loyal network of people who would do almost anything for them! Luckily for us, academics have been studying these exceptional people for decades and in 1993 Dr Robert Cialdini published a book on the Science behind the Psychology of Influence. In it he outlines the 6-key principals of persuasion, which if applied correctly can help you to better influence or persuade a people to do what you want them to.

Chris Graham, Director of the Epworth-based Be the Best Business Solutions Ltd, will draw on his practical experience working in military Information Warfare Units and his business experience in marketing and sales to explain Cialdini?s six principals. Expect to leave with new knowledge and easy, actionable ways in which you can start to apply these principals to your personal and business lives to make a bigger impact on those to whom you would like to sell an idea, service or product.


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Wednesday 4th December

San Pietro, Scunthorpe - Main Event 11:45 - 2:00

What members and guests say

"The Business Network is definitely a networking event that will supply you with a wealth of contacts. That is to say they may not be directly related to your business however this group practises looking after each other. Not only have I made brilliant connections but have met people that I can call friends, not a normal by-product of networking events. No one bombards with e-mails which really is one of the most annoying traits!"

Dawne Fairhurst
Maker Mark Promotions Limited

""If you've been going to networking events as long as I have you will have done them all. Ones where it's just you and a woman who does aromatherapy for cats and that one where half an hour in you start to wonder if you've accidentally joined some sort of cult. You know the one where people are deliberately breaking their own toilets just so they have got a referral to give to the plumber. Anyway 10 years ago we went to our first Business Network and we haven't bothered with anything else since. Above all its enjoyable and you meet great people. Out of that business relationships and even friendships grow. The culture is very much ?how can I help? rather than ?what's in it for me ?. So all the right ingredients are in place for you to grow your network of contacts and grow your business. And it works""

Ted Flanagan
Gosschalks Solicitors